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Mother's Day is just around the corner! This year, show how much you appreciate her by giving her a day of rest and relaxation she can use when ever she wants!

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Cabana Rentals

Lakeside Cabana rentals and Entry for 8 People. Daily: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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Vintage RV Rentals

Vintage RVs - for over night rentals or a place to escape the sun for a bit and hang out in some air-conditioning.

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Kayak, Paddle Board and iFloat Rentals

We rent out Kayaks, paddle boards, paddle boats and iFloats individually by the day or buy a 1 day use wristband to try them all out!

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Cabana Evening Rental: 7:30PM - 10:30PM

Come enjoy the island with live music or movie during what many call the best time of the day!

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We supply and set up the tent and bed/s, you have fun!

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